Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi Doodle Roll Fans! Check out some great art thats being made by our Doodle Roll kids! with the Holidays coming up, the Doodle Roll is a great present for any loved one of any age! Roll out some fun after eating that turkey and play a family game! Make this season memorable. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Doodle Roll Helping Hand

Alice Kearney, a licensed Mental Counselor and Art Therapist in Plymouth Massachusetts can not get enough of the Doodle Roll!

Thanks Alice!
She stated: "The kids in my waiting room are creating roads for their toy cars, tracks for trains, playing endless games and coloring celebration banners. I see little ones practicing the alphabet while bigger kids are writing sentences and unrolling math equations!"

She continues, "And that is just in the waiting room!" Kearney states that, "I love the Doodle Roll because my biggest message to my clients is that life is about the process, not the product." It is her belief that the Doodle Roll allows her to unroll the process of living with the people. "They can easily tell me a story about something that happened in their life by unrolling the Doodle Roll. We use it to create timelines and set goals together. It allows us to connect in a colorful, non-threatening way that is both fun and sequential."

She concludes, "The Doodle Roll allows me to join together with my clients in a creative way, and that is exactly what I want to be doing!"

Thank you Alice for your dedication, work and help! 

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Doodle Roll Features

We continue to be amazed at the many uses people continue to come up with for the Doodle Roll®.   The Doodle Roll® has been featured 2 times in recent editions of Scholastic’s Instructor magazine as a teacher’s pick and again as a terrific format for creating story boards.  In addition to the following information we have seen some fantastic creative samples of artwork like the amazing Doodle Roll® castle made entirely out of a 3” Doodle Roll® (and a little tape).  Check out the cool race car track as well. 

We will keep you posted on more amazing artwork and uses for the Doodle Roll® so please stay tuned.